Review: The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis

If you’re a staunch Tory supporter in Canada, then my advice would be to eschew this particular tome, lest the temptation to throw it out the window become too strong. For those of us with Liberal leanings, however, this book is an amusing fictional view of Canadian politics.
“The Best Laid Plans” focuses on a hapless Liberal speechwriter, whose desperate move to extricate himself from the clench of federal politics will be to no avail. His last duty as he leaves Parliament Hill is to secure a Liberal candidate in the Cumberland-Preston riding to run against the indomitable Conservative MP and Finance Minister. Failing to find a suitable candidate, he strikes a deal with an aging Scottish Engineering professor who has no intention of winning, let alone serving.
Even for a less-than-policially-minded individual such as myself (I’m certain I would fail a remedial course in the workings of Canadian politics) this book was a hilarious and pleasurable journey through the inner workings of the Canadian Federal government. Though sometimes it may seems as though Fallis is getting paid in an average words per sentence fashion, the book is smart, funny and heart-warming. Terry Fallis proves that hilarity and a weak vocabulary need not coexist simultaneously. His characters are charming, brilliantly nuanced, and cheer-inducing.
It is a good dose of Canadian Liberal politics…with a small dose of S&M thrown in for good measure. Highly recommended!


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